Portos do Norte, SA is a private Mozambican company responsible for the management of terminals and movement of all types of cargo in the Nacala Port, serving clients from its hinterland, across the entire northern region of Mozambique, into Malawi and Zambia.


To be the port of reference for the logistics chains on the East African Coast.


To manage a port that is designed to serve the Northern region of Mozambique and neighboring countries Malawi and Zambia through an existing rail infrastructure being the structure of the main logistics chains for exports and imports, through the development of the necessary competences that allow the systematic use of the best practices, promoting the excellence of our professionals and respect for the environment.

Executive Comitee

Chief Executive Officer: Fernando Amado Leite Couto
Chief Finance Officer: Carlos Mucapera
Human Resource and Administration Director: Leonilde Loide Bazar