People and Safety

We aim to build a supportive and safe working environment for our people and all port users. Their safety and well-being are our first priority and crucial for the success of our business. The Health and Safety manual of the Port of Nacala was designed using the standard OHS 18001. This document contains orientations and specific details about the responsibilities and standards to be observed.


The Environmental requirements in the Port of Nacala are based on the Legal Environmental Law 20/97 established on the 7th of October 1997. This law recognizes the responsibility of the Government of Mozambique in the promotion and implementation of a National Program of environmental management to ensure the correct management of the environment and its components in order to achieve sustainable development.


We believe in playing a role in the community that we operate in. We are constantly thinking of ways in which we can contribute to improve the lives of the people in the community through projects and initiatives that will have an impact and make a difference in their lives.

Portos do Norte supports The Nutritional Center for Irmãs Espiritanas in Ituculo

The Nutritional Center for Irmãs Espiritanas in Ituculo was opened in June 2009 with the aim to support children nutritionally. Portos do Norte began its social responsibility activity with the Centre in October 2013 by supporting the center monetarily thereby contributing to the achievement of the Centre’s objective. The partnership with Portos do Norte has made it possible to purchase milk in larger quantities, improved quality of care and allowed the purchase of soy flour to enrich the multi-mixture (soybean, pounded peanut, pounded beans, cassava leaves and pounded dried banana, corn or wheat flour depending on the child’s condition) that is given to the children.

Apart from the nutritional support activity, the center also offers a home for high-risk children, gives support to families that do not have the capabilities to manage the products offered by the center or to children who are weak and in need of continued assistance for health and nutrition. In such cases the center not only helps with milk and multi-mixtures but also with meat, eggs, fish and other foods until the child recovers and is no longer at high risk.


We encourage Honesty, Transparency and Integrity in all our activities for staff, subcontractors and partners. We protect and encourage denunciation of any acts of corruption or bribery; corrective measures are in place for anyone intentionally involved in illegal and inappropriate practices.