Inauguration of the Nacala Corridor in Malawi

The Nacala Corridor (Kachaso-Nkaya railway section of the USD 4.9 billion- Nacala Railway Corridor project) was inaugurated on the 18th of August. This is part of an integrated logistics corridor in Malawi and Mozambique comprising 912 km railway connecting Tete, Moatize Coal mine, through Malawi to Nacala-a-Velha Port, financed by Vale. The Nacala Corridor stretches from Chipata, in Zambia, passing through Liwonde in Malawi to the Port of Nacala, providing Malawi short access to the sea.

According to the Malawian Minister of Transport and Public Services, Mr. Jappie Mhango, the new railway section will go a long way to realize the aspirations of the Malawians in transport and infrastructure development.

Mr. Renato Torres, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Nacala Corridor Logistics Companies, added that this will help build a thriving society for countries without access to the sea like Malawi.

The Mozambican Minister of Transport and Communications, Mr. Carlos Mesquita, also added that apart from boosting trade and promoting efficient transportation of goods, both Mozambique and Malawi stand to enhance their economic statuses through enhanced activities along the corridor.