Port of Nacala receives two tugboats to operate large vessels


In May, the Port of Nacala received two new, modern, high-tech tugboats with 75-ton capacity.The objective is to ease and support maritime operations in the Port of Nacala,as well as contribute to the increase of cargo handled.

The tugboats result from an agreement between CDN (Corredor de Desenvolvimento do Norte) and a Dutch company that operates in the port industry.

In terms of advantage, they have higher towing capacity compared to the previous ones and can operate under more adverse conditions. Previously, the maximum wind speed the tugboats could withstand was 17 knots,and now that limit can increase to a maximum which is still to be defined by CDN (probably up to 20 knots). There are certain berthing positions (STARBOARD) which were not possible before, but now there are no such limitations, especially at the South Quay 1, when a vessel is docked at South Quay 2.

Additionally, simultaneous maneuvers are now possible with the assistance of the two previous tugboats, increasing flexibility.

All these features will contribute to a greater capacity in responding to the current demands.