Tariff Book
Pre-Arrival Information

An ETA should be sent 5 days in advance with the following information:
– draft of the vessel;
– last port of berth;
– name of the owner.

Next should be sent the updated ETA confirmations in 72, 48, 24 hours intervals with the following information: date, hour and other possible alterations.
This information will be sent by the Agent. A safety declaration should be provided 24 hours before the vessel arrives at the Port of Nacala.

Arrival Documentation

6 crew lists
6 passenger lists
2 supply lists
2 storage lists
4 cargo manifests
5 lists of port calls
2 Animal lists
2 Vaccination lists
1 Health certificate
1 Authorization from the last port
1 Declaration of dangerous goods
1 ISPS form

This documentation should be presented to the local authorities for authorization purposes.

Shipment Plan

The captains of the vessels or their agents must provide in advance, no less than forty-eight hours, the berthing plan showing/stating the cargo to be received at the port. If berthing plan is not provided, vessel operations will not start prior to documents being submitted to Port Authority.

Cargo Manifest

The agent of the vessel must deliver to the port operations offices a copy of the manifest and the cargo plan at the minimum period of twenty-four hours before arrival of the vessel.

Loading and Discharging List

Agents must submit to the Port the provisional list of loading/discharging 72:00 hours before the arrival of the ship and the final list before 48:00 hours.

Port Entry and Exit Rules and Regulations
Temporary Entry

Any visitor requesting temporary entry into the port, must first request to be issued with the temporary pass (SP02 Model). The pass will be issued by the Port Safety committee officer and will indicate the identification data of the visitor.

Upon entry into the port area, the person must provide his/her entry pass and will receive induction.

The visitor must use personal protective equipment such as a helmet and bright vest and safety shoes.

When exiting the port, the visitor must return the entry card to the port authority.

Entry of Vehicle

The entry of vehicles in the port area must meet the following conditions:

Must have an access card emitted by the Port Directorate, stating the registration number of the vehicle. Only authorized personnel will be allowed entry with the vehicle.

Must have an access card emitted by the Port Directorate, stating the registration number of the vehicle.
The driver will provide his driver’s license and will be issued with an entry card. All visitors and port users are required to go through induction provided by the port health and safety officer.