Spot calls contribute 44.89% to cargo at the Port of Nacala



In November, the Port of Nacala experienced spot calls, the first of its kind, representing a milestone in the history of the port and setting a record in container vessels. The two spot call vessels O MV ANNA S and MV SIMBA berthed at the port to discharge 1729 TEU’s of empty containers and loaded 1426TEU full containers with pigeon peas for Navasheva, in India.

spotcalls IMG

The vessel ANNA-S berthed at the Port of Nacala on the 29th of October, unloading 833 empty containers, of which 600 had to be packed inside the port within 6 days, and be shipped again on the same vessel. An estimated 833 containers were unloaded, including 1.035 full loaded containers, making a total of 1868 TEUS.

The vessel MV SIMBA unloaded 896 empty containers and 391 full, making a total of 1,287 TEUS. The overall movement was 3,155 TEUS, contributing to cargo by 44.89%.

According to the operations officers at the port, despite the difficulties and challenges, this operation was very successful and ended in line with the plan, with a global productivity of 15 TEU’s per hour.